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About Us

Arthritis pain and treatment without any joint replacement is our initial priority. We have a special treatment for your health challenges – whether it be back or neck pain, Type 2 Diabetes, obesity, headaches, or restriction of movement from joint pain. Often we can see you on the day you schedule an appointmemnt with us, or the following day. You can either self refer to Opachich Wellness Center or be referred by a friend or doctor.

Dr. Patrick Opachich is a Chiropractic Specialist in Jacksonville, Florida. He graduated with honors in 1981. Having more than 38 years of diverse experiences, especially in CHIROPRACTIC, Dr. Patrick Opachich runs a wellness center, and cooperates with many other doctors and specialists.

Dr. Patrick Opachich is a highly trained professional who uses the latest healing technologies to restore you to pain-free health, quickly and easily. Dr. Pat thoroughly evaluates and treats all of the contributing root factors related to your health issues. This includes, but is not limited to, your work and home stressors, overall body condition, nutrition, genetic & postural habits, emotional connections and patterns that are held in your muscles.

Call Dr. Patrick Opachich on phone number (904) 387-4151 for inquiry and advice or book an appointment here.

Our Vision

In 1981, Dr. Patrick Opachich graduated with honors as a Chiropractic Specialist. Since then he has been providing patients and clients within Jacksonville and its environs with Chiropractic services.

Dr. Pat also completed advanced post graduate training in orthopedics as well in 1991. His services evolved into a full-service professional operation providing a wide range of health and wellness services like weight loss, treatment of Type 2 Diabetes, treatment of arthritis without any joint replacement and slew of other holistic health services.

His vision is to:

  • Provide service to patients in Jacksonville and its environs with his wealth of experience and expertise.
  • Focus more on the treatment and eradiction of arthritis and the pain that comes with it in seniors within Jacksonville and Florida as a whole, without any joint replacement.

Dr. Opachich Wellness Center is run by Dr. Patrick Opachich who is a licensed and certified Chiropractor and holistic wellness specialist in the areas of Type 2 Diabetics treatment, allergy cure, arthritis cure, and a slew of other wellness services.  Dr. Pat is only one of the few doctors in the entire South East who reverse Type 2 Diabetics completely.

Patient testimonials

Portrait of pretty female practitioner in eyeglasses looking at camera

Love this office! Everyone is very pleasant & down-to-earth. And Dr. Opachich is very willing to hear you and work with you.

Valerie B. Wilson


Portrait of happy girl and her grandmother looking at camera at home

Dear Dr.Opachich,

Thank you so much for healing me last Friday. I have already had shrimp, and I am no longer allergic! I can’t thank you enough! I can’t wait to try lobster and crab too! I can never thank you enough!

Paula Rosenblatt



When i was 13 years old i had become allergic to shellfish. Stomach/head pain, rash, itchy throat, etc. It was very upsetting! Then i met Dr Opachich 10 years later. He thoroughly explained the testing and procedure… i couldn’t believe it! A week after treatment i had the nerve to try to shrimp… i was amazed! I am cured! No more allergic reactions… nothing! Thanks to this treatment and Dr Opachich, i can finally enjoy shellfish again. I only wish i didnt have to wait 10 years. It really works!

S. Belk

S. Belk