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Allergy Relief

Everything you should know about allergy relief

We merge 21st-century science with 3,000-year-old traditional acupuncture principles in offering an effective alternative in the treatment of symptoms associated with allergies and sensitivities.


Advanced Allergy Therapeutics (AAT) offers a unique and highly effective approach in treating the many symptoms and health conditions associated with allergies and sensitivities. AAT is a precision-based therapy that treats the organ systems involved in reactive behavior. AAT does not treat the immune system. The therapy instead focuses on the relationship between symptoms and organ systems in order to produce rapid, long-term results.



No needles

No herbal remedies

No supplements

No avoidance


Allergies are a physiological error. The body reacts negatively to harmless substances, foods or stimuli. The word “allergy” comes from the Greek allos, meaning “other”. It was first used in 1906 to refer to an “altered reaction” in the body’s immune system.


An allergic reaction occurs when the body comes in contact with the allergen. This can occur through contact with the skin, inhalation, injection or ingestion of the substance.


Medical treatment includes: avoidance of the allergen, medications to reduce the symptoms of the allergic reaction or injections to desensitize the patient to the allergen. The medical classification of a “true allergy” requires an IgE-mediated response. However, there are also non-IgE-immune sensitivities as well as involvement with IgA, IgG or IgG4.


The use of the word “allergy” has become a generic term used by the public to describe allergies, sensitivities, and intolerances. The distinction of a true allergy based on immunoglobulin involvement is generally unknown. Therefore, the term “allergy” is often understood as a term for any negative reaction from exposure to a benign substance. AAT treats the symptoms caused by any negative or inappropriate reaction regardless if the symptoms are caused by allergies or sensitivities.



Advanced Allergy Therapeutics (AAT) is a clinically proven treatment that is highly effective in treating the many symptoms associated with allergies and sensitivities. It is a therapeutic approach that evolved from over 20 years of collaborative research from health care professionals in the fields of acupuncture, naturopathy and chiropractic. The AAT treatment does not rely on the use of medications, herbal remedies or supplements. The treatment is safe, painless and available to all ages.


The AAT method works directly with the relationship between the major organ systems and overreactions to harmless substances. It is the health and state of the organ systems which determines the type of symptoms that may arise. For example, one patient may have a reaction to soybean by getting rashes while another patient may react with sinus congestion, heartburn or Irritable Bowel Syndrome. The symptoms in each of these cases represent a different organ system involved.


Either the organ system itself may react, causing symptoms, or mast cells located in the tissues may contribute to a reaction. In fact, increasingly, evidence is showing that mast cells, which play a central role in the allergic response, can actually be activated by non-allergic triggers, including stress. This means that the body can exhibit very similar symptoms as those caused by a true allergy, but with no immune involvement at all. However, even in the case of a true allergy, when the reactive organs are treated, the associated symptoms may be reduced or resolved.



Treatment methods in Traditional Chinese Medicine allow for the stimulation of specific points on the body which directly accesses each organ system and improves the state of that system. The points used in the AAT therapy are utilized in a unique and innovative way that allows for the success of the AAT therapy.


The treatment points are located along the spine and correspond with the location of the Sympathetic chain which deals with “fight or flight” responses. By treating reactive organ systems via these points in relation to an offending substance, a defensive state may be altered, allowing for a more healthy response.


The AAT method does not use needles but instead utilizes a precision-based acupressure technique to treat the organ systems. This unique approach of addressing defensive physiology is highly effective in altering the state of the organ systems. The AAT therapy has been developed as an Integrative Medicine and is offered by certified AAT practitioners who are licensed Acupuncturists, Chiropractors, Naturopathic Doctors, Osteopaths, Medical Doctors, and Registered Nurses.


Please Note: AAT is utilized by licensed health care professionals in private practice. Each practitioner combines various modalities from within their scope of practice and may offer additional testing or treatment methodologies as well as providing their own unique approach.


AAT does not diagnose allergies, sensitivities or intolerances.

AAT does not test for allergies or sensitivities. The AAT system simply assesses what may be causing a stress to the body.

AAT does not cure allergies, nor does the therapy treat the immune system. AAT is a highly effective treatment that provides long-term relief from symptoms associated with allergies or sensitivities.

AAT does not treat cases of anaphylaxis or life-threatening symptoms. Strict avoidance is always advised in these cases.



A sensitivity or inappropriate reaction may cause symptoms from any organ system in the body. Some systems are prone to reacting to certain families of allergies or substances, such as the respiratory system reacting to pollen. However, a substance may affect any organ system, which could cause a multitude of symptoms varying from case to case. For example, a reaction to wheat may cause hives in one person, digestive issues in another, fatigue, wheezing or Acid Reflux all in different patients. AAT addresses the specific organ systems affected by the allergen or offending substance.



Symptoms include reflux, heartburn, abdominal and intestinal pain, cramping, gas, bloating, nausea, diarrhea and vomiting. Primarily caused by reactions to food or other ingestants.



Symptoms include sneezing, congestion, runny nose, wheezing, shortness of breath, coughs, postnasal drip, skin conditions, rashes and itchy, watery eyes. Reactions may be associated with pollens, dust, food, chemicals, and animals (including dog and cat dander and bird feathers), air-borne substances and contactants.



Symptoms may include red, itchy, or scaly skin rashes, blisters with oozing and crusting, dry leathery patches or hives. The main cause of dermatological reactions can be a reaction to food but can also be caused by plants, contactants and chemicals.



May be caused by reactions to food such as chocolate and caffeine, airborne irritants such as pollens and chemicals including household cleaners, perfumes and vehicle fumes.



Many reactions result in lethargy and feelings of fatigue. Tiredness can also occur at certain times of the day, such as in the afternoon after eating.



Symptoms may affect multiple systems in the body, resulting in headaches, irritability, hyperactivity, mood swings, fatigue, tachycardia, or inflammation.



Chemicals – household cleaners, perfumes, building materials, washing detergent, pesticides

Occupational sensitivities such as latex or building materials such as paints, glues, carpets, woods or varnishes


Heat, cold and humidity/dampness


Symptoms associated with an allergy or sensitivity can contribute to common conditions such as asthma, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). However, not all cases involve allergies or sensitivities.


Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) is primarily caused by sensitivities and affects approximately 15% of the population. Common symptoms include diarrhea, constipation, and bloating and abdominal pain.


Skin conditions, such as eczema, dermatitis, and hives are commonly associated with the symptoms of an allergy or sensitivity.



AAT cannot guarantee any results. While AAT may be highly effective in the relief of many symptoms associated with allergies or sensitivities, some cases do not respond.


AAT does not treat cases of anaphylaxis or life-threatening symptoms. Strict avoidance is always advised.


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