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Patient testimonials


I had gall bladder problems for 2 weeks. I had severe pain, a fever and abdominal pain. It was infected; I had sludge and 2 stones. My gall bladder function was decreased but still working.  I was scheduled to have surgery in 4-6 weeks. I decided to ask Dr. Opachich if there was anything that I could do to prevent surgery. He suggested a gall bladder flush and cleanse.

I started the cleanse and could hardly eat anything. After 2 weeks, I started feeling better and could actually eat.  I went back to the surgeon for my pre-op appointment where they performed another ultrasound. The ultrasound showed that there was nothing in my gall bladder. I was taken off the surgery schedule. I feel great and no more pain and I can eat normal now.

I am very thankful to have not had surgery and am feeling better every day.

Hillary Green


When i was 13 years old i had become allergic to shellfish. Stomach/head pain, rash, itchy throat, etc. It was very upsetting! Then i met Dr Opachich 10 years later. He thoroughly explained the testing and procedure… i couldn’t believe it! A week after treatment i had the nerve to try to shrimp… i was amazed! I am cured! No more allergic reactions… nothing! Thanks to this treatment and Dr Opachich, i can finally enjoy shellfish again. I only wish i didnt have to wait 10 years. It really works!

S. Belk

S. Belk



I started the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Protocol one week ago today. The first two days I experienced a “Cleansing”. The next three days were uneventful, but the sixth day I felt infused with an energy I haven’t felt for about 20 years! And my mind was clear and alert! The brain fog had lifted.

Feeling good, I, of course, did too much (laundry, dishes, etc) and having CFS, I paid for it the next two days, but was not as bad as before. I experienced muscle pain, but not much fatigue. Also, I checked my blood oxygen levels with a pulse-oximeter and found my blood oxygen levels had risen four points. It was holding steady at 94, where before it was at 90, sometimes less, about 10 minutes per day, to SLOWLY start getting my body back into shape.

I have hope that this trend to feeling/being well will continue as I continue the protocol. Thank you for both developing this protocol and making it available.

Sincerely,  Brett


Portrait of pretty senior woman with bottle of water in gym

Love this office! Everyone is very pleasant & down-to-earth. And Dr. Opachich is very willing to hear you and work with you.

Valerie B. Wilson

Valerie B. Wilson


Dear Dr.Opachich,

Thank you so much for healing me last Friday. I have already had shrimp, and I am no longer allergic! I can’t thank you enough! I can’t wait to try lobster and crab too! I can never thank you enough!

Paula Rosenblatt

Paula Rosenblatt

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I suffered from Fibromyalgia for more than 10 years and desperately was seeking for a cure. After trying and failing with many prescription drugs and the doctors who just covered up the symptoms. I found Dr. Opachich. He not only found the root of the problems through reflexology, but he addresses the cause of the problems in my body and virtually cured me. I lost more than 30 pounds a he helped balance my glands, hormones and other systems into health and healing.

At one point, I was in bed most of the time because my symptoms were painful, tiresome and disabling. I had a myriad of ailment, and had to quit substantial employment for a period of about three years. Through the help of Dr. Opachich, it took months for me to detox and reverse the damage done by prescription drugs and lack of proper treatment from traditional doctors. At one point my C-reactive protein was in the very high risk range of 7.4. Now it is in the low average range of 1.4. The traditional doctors were flabbergasted and incredibly asked my how I did it.

I told them about Dr. Opachich, reflexology, his natural supplements and his natural approach. I tell others too, because I really believe in his treatment and I believe that people do not have to be sick. After treatments with Dr. Opachich, my life turned around and I dropped 2.5 dress sizes, as my body started to heal and line up according to how it is supposed to function. I had a lot of fears about my health and mortality, but Dr. Opachich was very reassuring, encouraging and a competent healer. I find Dr. Opachich to be a truly caring and sincere man of knowledge and faith, who takes an interest in his patients’ wellbeing instead of the money.

I am a person of faith too, and I know God wished that I prosper and be in good health. I am accomplishing this through Dr. Opachich, and so can you, through a wellness mentality and through his natural chiropractic treatment and reflexology.

Maureen S.

Maureen S.


I’m not much of a writer, nor do I try to sway anyone into doing something that doesn’t work, but I am writing this testimonial today to tell you from my heart that these treatments do really work. I am just like anyone else and I surely had my doubts about all the things I was being told during my interview at the very first. I had a bad auto accident in February of 2005. Over the years I had tried Pain Managements treatments from the V.A. Hospital in Florida and also in Houston, Texas. I was given shots in my lower back to ease the pain, I even had nerve burning in my lower back but nothing helped and the pain only got worse. Finally one day my wife brought home an ad on treating lower back pain without drugs or surgery. By this time the pain in my lower back was so bad I was literally crawling from room to room around my house because the pain was so bad I couldn’t stand to walk, even with a cane or walker I hurt. I finally decided to give it a try seems like I had already tried everything else up to this time. I called and made an appointment the next day for a free evaluation.

After my interview and I agreed to try this method, I got my first treatment that same day. After my first treatment I could tell a difference in my pain level, and movement range. I am here to tell you that after 6 treatments I not only have 0 pain but for the first time in my life since 2005 I am able to walk standing straight, also I no pain my lower back or in my legs at all. I started with 2 times a week treatments, then went to 1 time a week and I go 1 times week every 2 weeks for my treatments. My advice to you all is try these treatments for 5 visits at least and give them a chance to help you get better. But remember one thing, HAVE PATIENCE with yourself and let the treatments work for you, not you work for the treatments. God Bless

Howard Moebes

Howard Moebes