The ultimate goal of all Natural Health modalities is to assist the body in its innate ability to effect self-remediation of its symptoms. Thus the definition of “symptom” in Natural Health is, “The body’s overtly-expressed message that it is struggling to manifest its most optimal health blueprint, and thus is seeking help to regain a symptom-free homeostasis.”

In our Natural Health disciplines, we must constantly be vigilant regarding suppressing or palliating symptoms, because in doing so, the short-term remission of symptoms leaves the cause-of-concern untouched or altered. Inevitably there will be more difficult symptoms that occur as a result of our failure to elicit genuine self-cure from the body’s innate processes.

So often in the 21st Century, people turn to quick palliation rather than apply Natural Law and provide what the body is really seeking—the directives and ability to remove the cause and allow the body to self-cure well within its capabilities.

Despite the modern, delusional pretense that there is only “one way” to treat the body’s perfect and impeccable semaphore distress signals, there are indeed many ways to assist the body to return to its more optimal blueprint of metabolic and bioenergetic functions.

One way is through herbal nutrition and employment of plants and nutriments that support the body’s innate intelligence to move through the confusion and remedy its distress. The interesting thing about herbal medicine is that it is one system that potentially facilitates the body to self-correct. It can also fall short and palliate, but such palliations are further messages to keep looking for that which facilitates normal, natural self-cure.