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How to schedule your DOT Physicals exams

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If you are looking for a DOT Physical Examination in Jacksonville, Florida you’re in the right place! Opachich Wellness can handle both CDL Bus and Truck Drivers. Centrally located in the heart of the Westside, our fees are low and we offer same-day appointments. You get seen quickly, you won’t get stuck in the waiting room. We also offer DOT Drug and Breath Alcohol Testing. Dr. Opachich has advanced training to provide ethical cost-effective solutions to many of the concerns of drivers.


Worried about passing your CDL physical? Dr. Opachich is driver friendly and is dedicated to helping drivers. With his extensive knowledge of the DOT Medical Examination Guidelines and a common sense approach he will steer you through the examination process to keep you on the road. He will guide you through the medical standards so you can maintain your DOT Medical Certification for years to come.


As mentioned above we do same-day appointments and we also accept walk-ins if you can’t plan it. Don’t waste your time stuck in a waiting room! Let Dr. Opachich be your source for your next DOT Physical Examination for Commercial Drivers.


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HELPFUL HINT: Do not drink coffee or an energy drink on the day of your exam. It will raise your blood pressure!


Fees: DOT physical examination = $75

Drug testing = $32

Breath alcohol testing = $35


Hours: 9-6 Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday

9-5 Wednesday


D.O.T. Physicals in Jacksonville, Fl

Before issuing a CDL, the Department of transportation wants to know that drivers are capable of performing the duties required to control a semi truck sometimes hauling as much as 80,000 pounds. To properly control a vehicle of that weight requires.

1) The ability to grasp objects such as a steering wheel or emergency break and apply pressure to a foot break without limitations

2) That the person in control is not a high risk for heart or other types of body failure while driving

3) That the person has good vision necessary to see at distances and during night time driving

4) That the person does not abuse illegal drugs or alcohol and only uses prescription medications as indicated by their doctor.

What to bring to your exam?

During your visit, we will perform a complete evaluation of your current physical condition. During the DOT physical exam, your examiner will ask many questions that may require further information and documentation. To speed up the process, we ask that you bring the following if they apply:


1) A list of medications, doses, and doctors who were seen

2) Your eyeglasses, contacts, or hearing aids if you use them

3) Results of last your diabetes lab test and a log of your blood sugar levels if you are diabetic

4) CPAP readings if you have sleep Apnea

5) Letters from your heart specialist and results from your most recent stress test and ECHO cardiogram if you have a heart condition

6) A letter of clearance from your doctor if you are taking any medications that cause drowsiness or a blood thinner such as Warfarin

During your visit, we will:

1) Perform a complete physical

2) Run a urine analysis test to check blood, sugar, and protein levels

3) Perform a vision and hearing test

4) Check your blood pressure and pulse rate

6) Evaluate your overall health

6) Complete the Medical Examination Report required for your license

Upon completion of a passing exam, you will receive a medical certification good for two years. A copy of the medical certification will also be electronically transmitted to the Department of Transportation. If you need a DOT physical from a certified medical examiner to get or maintain your CDL, come to OPACHICH WELLNESS CENTER in Jacksonville, Florida. Our staff is waiting to get you certified.



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