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Weight Loss Treatment

How to Loss Weight and Stay Fit!

Generally throughout the day: vegetables 50%, carbs/grains 20%, meat 10% and nuts/fruit(snacks) 20%.



VEGETABLES – includes beans (pressure cooked or canned only); try to eat 50% of your vegetables raw.

CARBOHYDRATES/GRAINS – brown, black or wild rice, sweet potatoes, potatoes (new or red only unless canned/pressure cooked), sprouted bread (i.e. Ezekiel) and steel-cut oats; eating no carbohydrates/grains for weight loss and increasing the vegetables is OK.

MEAT/DAIRY – includes fish (with fins and scales only), poultry, red meat, and eggs; shoot for a maximum of 100 g of meat (4-6 ounces) per day; limit eggs to 6/week; the only dairy allowed is goat milk and cheese (almond and coconut milk are OK).

SNACKS – alternate between nuts/seeds and fruit; limit peanuts and cashews

DRINKS – filtered water, unsweet teas, unsweet coffee (decaf or 50/50); use Sweet Leaf stevia to sweeten.

FATS/OILS – look at the ingredient panel of anything that has oil; it can’t have hydrogenated oil!

Rarely eat processed food, sweets (dark chocolate with 80% cocoa is OK), wheat (white or dark bread, pasta, cereal), rye, white rice, pork, cow dairy or seafood bottom dwellers (shrimp, catfish, crab, etc.)

Also, limit the nightshade family of foods if you’re sensitive: tomatoes (Roma is OK), potatoes (red, new is OK), beans, eggplant and peppers; pressure cooking or canned beans and potatoes makes them OK.

NOTE: organically raised, pasture-fed animal products are preferred, otherwise you’re eating GMO,  antibiotics, and hormones too; only use organic salad dressings or make your own with virgin oils.

NOTE: a whole food vitamin/mineral supplement (i.e. Catalyn) and an omega 3 flaxseed oil supplement (i.e. Linum B6) are highly recommended; modern farm soils are depleted so this means there are low nutrients in our food; without them we slowly starve to death; we need these nutrients for body repair.

Nutrition and Supplements

The nutritional supplements we use are derived from organic foods. It is our contention that in order to rebuild the body it requires nutrients the way nature intended. It is the food that heals in its entirety, and not just one portion of it.

For example, it is estimated that there are thousands of phytochemicals in a tomato. Scientists have been able to isolate a now popular one called lycopene. Lycopene can be manufactured in a lab, so guess what – no you can buy it in a capsule. We ask this question, “Is it better to eat the tomato, or take a pill? Is it the lycopene only that has healing properties, or the lycopene together with thousands of other phytochemicals?

This is why we use (and need) whole food nutrition to feed the body.  The herbals used in our office are of high quality and potency guaranteed. This is why other herbs often don’t work well, low quality, low potency! Just as the MRT meridian response technique is unique, so are the nutritional and herbal supplements utilized by us.


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